Welcome to the 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program

5MinuteBack Pregnancy - Relief for pregnancy back pain and other pain during pregnancy

The 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program is a safe, effective, and fun back strengthening program designed specifically for each trimester of your pregnancy. Based on extensive research, the 5MinuteBack Pregnancy workout will help reduce most of the pain and discomfort that you are experiencing during your pregnancy and will help restore much of your normal range of motion. You don’t have to live with pain during pregnancy – 5MinuteBack Pregnancy will give you your life back and make this pregnancy easier for you and your baby. So start exercising now and feel the benefits today! 

5MinuteBack Pregnancy - Easy pregnancy back pain and other pain during prengnacy

5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program is unlike any other pregnancy exercise program on the market! By teaching you how to stabilize your back from the inside out, our progressive program can:

  • Ease annoying pregnancy back pain
  • Relieve neck pain, headaches, round ligament pain, stiffness, constipation, swelling
  • Reduce fatigue & increase your energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Help you sleep better
  • Improve your mood and happiness
  • Help you feel great, more confident, sexy and strong
  • And so much more!

Best of all, you can start our training program at any point during your pregnancy and reduce these issues swiftly and often without medication! Learn more →


Prevent & Eliminate Pregnancy Pain

You deserve to feel your best during your pregnancy! 

I highly recommend this program for anyone suffering from pain during pregnancy.
— Veronique

5MinuteBack Pregnancy Membership Includes

  • Three, 90 day progressive pregnancy workout routines from the comfort of your home
  • Access to pregnancy workout videos specific to each of your trimesters
  • Research based pregnancy exercise routines
  • Tips and tools to properly strengthen your back and core
  • Quick 5Minute Routine: For the busy mom
  • Ability to workout at anytime – from any viewing device
  • Instant digital access
  • Relieve your pain during pregnancy with exercise tutorials
  • Trimester specific guides
  • Access to all trimester routine videos (over 3 hours worth)*
  • Cancel monthly memberships anytime, no minimum commitment
5MinuteBack Pregnancy Membership Less than $1/day

* Dependent upon the membership plan that you select