Start by watching this video on the 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program with tips and guidelines for getting the most out of your training.

When you're done: 

  1. Scroll down and watch your training video, then
  2. Jump right into your routine and start feeling better today.

To print a copy of your training tips, health & safety tips, and a handy printout for your doctor, click here.


TRAINING (35:16)

Start here before beginning your Routine. This video will give you step by step instructions on how to perform each exercise. 

For a quick review of each exercise, scroll down. Note: You must watch the full training video above before watching the individual videos below to ensure that you are properly performing all of the exercises.

ROUTINE (25:07)

Let's get started! You're path to a pain free pregnancy begins here. 

To achieve the best possible results, complete this exercise routine every day. If your day gets too busy, make sure to do the Quick 5Minute Routine instead.

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Quick 5Minute Routine

For the busy mom who only has a few minutes, this will take you through the most important back strengthening exercises from your routine. While this is handy for those days when you can't even seem to find the time to brush your teeth, remember that you will see feel your best if you consistently complete your full Routine workout. 

Exercise Bands

It is recommended that you purchase a pair of exercise bands to achieve the best results with the band exercises. However, you may perform the exercises with a 1 pound, or less, weight in each hand. Purchase your Exercise Bands here →

Individual Training Exercises

The following videos will take you through each exercise so you have quick access to more detailed instructions. Make sure to watch your full training video before watching any of the following videos.


Standing Positions

Two Arm Shoulder Circles

Core Explorer ™

Reverse Punches



Bicep Curls

Side Arm Elevators

Scapula Retraction

Bow Tie ™

Elevated Scapula Retraction

Short Squats

Reverse Core Clockworks ™



Biceps Curl



Reverse Punch



Core Defender ™ with Arms

Lateral Core Defender ™

Reverse Core Defender ™

Knee Plank