What can I do if my back hurts?

Don't accept pregnancy back pain and other related pain during pregnancy. While it's common, you don't have to suffer through it during your pregnancy. Sadly, over 70% of women experience back pain during the course of their pregnancy.

The best way to prevent and eliminate pregnancy back pain is to complete our 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program every day for the remainder of your pregnancy. It will not only help ease that annoying back pain, but the pregnancy workout will also help strengthen the rest of your body and may relieve neck pain, headaches, round ligament pain, stiffness, constipation, swelling and more

Is THE 5MinuteBack Pregnancy wORKOUT safe for my baby?

The 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program is safe for you and your baby, as long as you follow our health & safety guidelines during your workout. To put this in context, it is no riskier to you and your baby than any other non-impact exercise. 

Can 5MinuteBack Pregnancy help with more than Pregnancy back pain?

Absolutely! The 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program has been shown to help:

  • Relieve neck pain, headaches, round ligament pain, stiffness, constipation & swelling and other related pain during pregnancy
  • Strengthen your hips, arms, legs, neck & more - This is a full body workout.
  • Increase energy, confidence & strength
  • Reduce fatigue & stiffness
  • Improve movement & balance
  • Increase your vitality & endurance
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your mood and happiness
  • Sleep better & awake refreshed
  • Help you feel great, more confident, sexy & strong
  • Help you prepare for labor & delivery
  • Speed up your recovery after birth & help prevent post-partum back pain
  • Help you get your pre-pregnancy body back quicker
  • Reduce pain during pregnancy without scary medications

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