The Solution to Your Pregnancy Back Pain

The 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program is a safe, effective, and fun back strengthening program designed specifically for each trimester of your pregnancy. Based on extensive research, the 5MinuteBack Pregnancy workout will help reduce most of the pain and discomfort that you are experiencing during your pregnancy and will help you restore much of your normal range of motion.

5MinuteBack Pregnancy is the only pregnancy exercise program that specifically targets the deep inner muscles along your spine, the ones that have the most impact on the function of your spine, how you carry the extra baby weight and whether your back hurts or fatigues quickly. By targeting these small spinal muscles, the 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program progressively stabilizes your spine and helps prevent and eliminate pregnancy back pain, regardless of whether it is due to hormonal changes, extra weight gain or postural changes. 5MinuteBack Pregnancy also addresses the large muscles of the back and abdomen, but in the proper sequence, and in proportion to the TrueCore ™ spinal muscles. This ensures that you are stabilizing your back in the most effective way possible: from the inside out

Eliminate pregnancy back pain and other pain during pregnancy with the 5MinuteBack Pregnancy workout. 

5MinuteBack Pregnancy has exceeded my greatest expectations. Not only do I feel amazing, but the program is straightforward, fun and has helped boost my mood and confidence. I feel great! I look forward to doing my pregnancy exercises every day!
— Nikki

The Benefits of 5MinuteBack Pregnancy

Stop your pain during pregnancy with the 5MinuteBack Pregnancy exercise program.

5MinuteBack Pregnancy not only will help you strengthen and stabilize your back, but has countless other benefits. It is fast, safe, effective & simple to do. We are all busy, especially when you are chasing kids around all day, so our pregnancy workout only takes a few minutes each day, from the comfort of your own home, to get the best results. We even have a Quick 5Minute Routine for those days where you can't even find time to brush your teeth. The program is completely unique, and unlike anything else on the market - stabilizing your back in the most effective way, from the inside, out. Most importantly, you'll begin feeling the benefits almost immediately. 

5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program has been shown to help:

  • Ease debilitating pregnancy back pain without scary medications
  • Relieve neck pain, headaches, round ligament pain, stiffness, constipation, swelling and other pain during pregnancy
  • Strengthen your hips, arms, legs, neck & more - This is a full body workout.
  • Increase energy, confidence & strength
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Improve movement & balance
  • Improve your mood, vitality & endurance
  • Sleep better & awake refreshed
  • Help you feel sexy & strong
  • Help you prepare for labor & delivery
  • Speed up your recovery after birth & help prevent post-partum back pain
  • Help you get your pre-pregnancy body back quicker
Feel better today with 5MinuteBack Pregnancy, your solution to pregnancy back pain and other pain during pregnancy.