10 Reasons Why 5MinuteBack Pregnancy is the Best Pregnancy Fitness Program Out There

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With so many pregnancy exercise programs and workout routines out there, how do you decide what is right for you? When I first started searching for a pregnancy workout routine during my first pregnancy, I was overwhelmed. If you search Google for “pregnancy exercise routine,” it immediately pulls up over 275 MILLION results! I don’t know about you, but for me, that is an overwhelming number. I didn’t even know where to start.  

I personally love to use workout videos. It’s not that I’m not motivated enough to do my own workout routine, but I really love having an instructor or instruction video to provide the encouragement and consistency that I like when working out. So that’s where I started. I found some decent options, a free yoga video by Katy Appleton on YouTube that I enjoyed, and I bought a pregnancy workout video from Amazon that was good enough. But I needed more. While both of these exercise programs felt good, they were missing something. . . they weren’t helping me enough when it came to addressing the terrible pregnancy pain and discomfort that I was having. In fact, sometimes, I couldn’t even complete them because my back and neck were hurting so bad. Now don’t get me wrong, I still like to do them on the side as a nice addition to my current 5MinuteBack Pregnancy program, but they aren’t enough on their own. 

On top of that, I was skeptical about all of those pregnancy exercises out there. How do I know that they are safe? Is this just advice from some random person out there on the internet spouting that they are an expert in something, when in reality, they have no background or training in health, medicine, or exercise? That’s scary to me! I only have one chance to make sure that what I am doing in each pregnancy is as safe and healthy as possible for both me and my little one. I don’t want to leave that up to chance. I wanted to learn from a professional, from someone that has spent years researching and practicing medicine and is an expert in physiology.

That’s when I turned to Dr. Frank Jarrell, the founder and developer of 5MinuteBack Pregnancy for help. As I’d mentioned previously, his 5MinuteBack™ and TrueCore™ Spinal Stabilization Programs had helped me immensely in the past when I was suffering from back pain. So why couldn’t it help me now? That’s when we began working together to create the 5MinuteBack Pregnancy exercise program to use these highly successful protocols as a foundation for a pregnancy specific exercise program. 



So I'm obviously a huge fan of 5MinuteBack Pregnancy. Here's why:

1.  You Get Immediate Results 

Most women who do the 5MinuteBack Pregnancy routine tell us that they begin to feel relief from their pain and discomfort almost immediately following their first attempt at the routine. This not only provides them with some relief, but also offers them hope that the remainder of their pregnancy won’t be one filled with pain.

2.  It is Safe

The 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program is designed by Dr. Frank Jarrell and is based on over 15 years of development, 10 years of clinical application, and over 100 research articles substantiating its underlying science. It is also specifically designed to adapt to your needs during each of your trimesters. 

This progressive program provides you with safe and effective exercises that your body can handle as you and your baby grow. If you are up to it, you even have the option to complete additional exercises at the end of each routine. Moreover, when you start the program, you are given an overview of important health and safety tips to ensure that you get the most out of your program while keeping both you and your baby safe and healthy.

3.  It is Fun

I have continuously received feedback from Members that the Program is fun and simple. Even their children love doing the exercises with them. 

4.  It is Easy to Do

With every membership subscription, you get access to both a Welcome and Training video. The Welcome video will walk you through all the exercises and health and safety tips to ensure that you get the best results from the program. The Training video, on the other hand, walks you through each exercise, in depth, and teaches you how to properly perform the exercise and gives you tips on how to get the most out of it. 

5.  It is Unlike Anything Else on the Market

5MinuteBack Pregnancy is completely unique – there is nothing else like it on the market for pregnant women. 

The Program is not designed to help you loose weight or get a killer set of biceps, like many other pregnancy workout routines. Rather, it specifically targets the deep inner muscles along your spine, the ones that have the most impact on the function of your spine, how you carry the extra baby weight and whether your back hurts or fatigues quickly. By targeting these small spinal muscles, the 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program progressively stabilizes your spine and helps prevent and eliminate pregnancy back pain, regardless of whether it is due to hormonal changes, extra weight gain or postural changes. 5MinuteBack Pregnancy also addresses the large muscles of the back and abdomen, but in the proper sequence, and in proportion to the TrueCore ™ spinal muscles. This ensures that you are stabilizing your back in the most effective way possible: from the inside out.

6.  It Fits Into Your Busy Schedule

I keep coming back to this, but it is true, we are all crunched for time anymore. Whether it is work, kids, activities, etc., it is hard to find the time to workout. That is one of the best parts of the 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program – it only takes a few minutes a day! The full routine takes approximately 20 minutes (depending on what trimester you are in), and that includes the additional optional exercises. If you are running on an especially tight schedule, there is even the Quick 5MinuteRoutine (which obviously only takes 5 minutes). 

In addition to only taking 5-20 minutes to complete the routine, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. For most, that means potentially saving at least 104 hours each year in travel time to and from a gym, not to mention the cost of the membership and childcare. 

7.  It is Cheap

For less than $1/day (that is cheaper than a bottle of water and up to 3 times cheaper than a Starbucks coffee) you have access to a complete fitness routine! 

5MinuteBack Pregnancy - Less than $1 a day

8.  It Helps with More Than Just Back Pain

5MinuteBack Pregnancy not only helps relieve back pain, but is a full body workout that has been shown to help:

  • Relieve neck pain, headaches, round ligament pain, stiffness, constipation, swelling and other pain during pregnancy
  • Strengthen your hips, arms, legs, neck & more
  • Increase energy, confidence & strength
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Improve movement & balance
  • Improve your mood, vitality & endurance
  • Help you sleep better & awake refreshed
  • Help you feel sexy & strong
  • Help you prepare for labor & delivery
  • Speed up your recovery after birth & help prevent post-partum back pain
  • Help you get your pre-pregnancy body back quicker

9.  It Minimizes Your Use of Pain Medications

More and more pregnant women are turning to pain medication to address their pregnancy discomfort. In a scary New York Times piece, it was noted that “[o]ne in five women [are] using opioids during pregnancy.” And that’s not all, it went on to discuss how more pregnant women are taking pain killers now than they have in the past 3 decades. What is most worrisome is that the risks to the mom and baby are not fully understood for a majority of those pain killers. “In the past 30 years, the use of prescription medicine by pregnant women in their first trimester has increased more than 60 percent, while the use of four or more medications has more than tripled.” To learn more, check out Surge in Narcotic Prescriptions for Pregnant Women by Catherine Saint Louis.

With those terrifying stats in mind, isn’t it worth looking at alternative ways to avoid pain killers to help relieve those terrible pregnancy pains? I believe it is. Especially when the solution is as simple as choosing a back strengthening program like 5MinuteBack Pregnancy.

10.  The Membership Offers You So Many Great Options

With a 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Membership, you have access to up to 90 days of progressive pregnancy workout routines to do from the comfort of your own home (that is over 3 hours worth of guided exercise routines). You can workout at anytime and from any viewing device, and, when you register, you are given instant digital access and trimester specific exercise tutorials and guides. 

So why not give it a try today? There is no minimum commitment and you can cancel your monthly membership at anytime. 



Yay! We have officially made it to the second trimester!! What a relief! I am feeling so much better now that the nausea is gone and I am starting to feel like myself again. 

I am extremely proud of myself. For the past several weeks, I have been consistently doing my full 5MinuteBack Pregnancy routine 5-6 days a week. On those 1-2 days where I can’t even seem to find the time to brush my teeth, I have been able to fit in the Quick 5Minute Routine. (Everything became so much easier when I got my son excited to do the workouts with me, and now I can fit it in during the day while also getting him some exercise.) 

Now that I have found some consistency with my pregnancy workout routine, I am also experiencing less pregnancy aches and pains. At this point during the last pregnancy, I was clearly experiencing some of the round ligament pain as discussed by the The Bump. It was not an enjoyable feeling. But lucky for me, I haven’t had any of the round ligament pain, and my belly is much larger at this point than at this same point last time. 

Most importantly, I am feeling strong and healthy. My posture has improved, I’m carrying my baby weight in a much healthier way, and I’m happy! I am constantly getting compliments from my friends and family saying that I seem much calmer this go around and that I look extremely strong and healthy with this pregnancy. Yay!

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