The Best Time of Day to Fit in Your Pregnancy Workout

The Best Time of Day to Fit in Your Pregnancy Workout - 5MinuteBack Pregnancy

Another Crazy Busy Day of Life

It is not easy to carve out time in our busy days to get in a workout. This is further complicated if you have kids, you work, or both. 

If you have kids, your day probably starts off in a hurry, rushing around trying to get breakfast ready, getting the kids dressed and out the door. Then you have to fit in a long list of errands or head out to work. Once they’re done with school there are after-school activities, dinner, and bedtime. By the time you finally get a break, you are exhausted!

Even without kids, mornings are busy for the working woman. You have to get dressed, make breakfast, and get out the door on time. After a full day of work, you head home to make dinner and get your life set up for the next day. When you finally get a break, you’re exhausted. 

No matter what your expectations are for the day, or week, it is so hard to get in a workout on a regular basis. You can often get away without doing a regular workout for a while, but when you are pregnant, working out is so much more important that you really need that consistency in a routine for both you and the baby. See my post The Most Insanely Easy Way to Improve Your Pregnancy – Exercise.


The Best Time of Day to Fit in Your Pregnancy - 5MinuteBack Pregnancy

Make It A Morning Routine

So we’ve established that trying to fit in a workout during our busy days is, to say the least, challenging. During pregnancy, this can be even more challenging when you are also experiencing some of the many symptoms of pregnancy such as fatigue and trouble sleeping.

Believe me, between my two pregnancies, I have tried it all. I’ve tried fitting my 5MinuteBack Pregnancy routine in first thing in the morning, during naps, with my little boy, after he’s gone to bed, and during my short evenings alone with my husband. While all have worked for a short period of time, life shifts and I’m struggling to find a time that works best – again. 

When everything is said and done though, I have found that making my pregnancy exercise routine a morning ritual is the best for both me and my family. Yes, maybe I need to get up a bit earlier, only 20 minutes earlier with my 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Program, but it is worth it. Not only does it help me wake up and energize for the day, but I also feel like I have started the day off on the right foot and have accomplished one of the most important tasks of my day from the start. I am happier and more prepared for my little boy’s energy throughout the day and, because I make sure that I’m getting my routine in every day, I’m able to sleep better and feel less fatigued when the evening rolls around. This gives my husband and I more quality time together. 

Schedule a Pregnancy Workout so You Can Enjoy Your Family Time - 5MinuteBack Pregnancy

So if you’re struggling to find time to fit in your pregnancy workout routine, try the morning when you can have that special time to yourself to start your day off right with energy and joy.


My 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Challenge Update

No matter how well you are sticking to a fitness program and eating healthy, you’ll have some down days during your pregnancy where you just aren’t feeling up to working out. That was me two weeks ago. I was exhausted, little C was waking me up during the night several nights in a row, and my body just wasn’t having any of it. Even though I am determined to stick to my 5MinuteBack Pregnancy Challenge, I also recognize the importance of listening to my body and giving it a break every once in a while. This was that time. Rather than trying to force my body to do something it wasn’t ready to, I gave myself 4 days off to recover. It helped immensely. After 4 days of just pampering myself, I was back on the bandwagon and feeling all the better for it. With all of this said, make sure that you listen to your body during pregnancy and give it a break sometimes. You owe it to yourself and your baby. 

According to the Bump this week, you might be experiencing swollen ankles and feet, leg cramps and backaches. The good news is that if you are regularly doing a pregnancy workout routine like 5MinuteBack Pregnancy, its less likely that you will be suffering from pregnancy back pain, swelling and leg cramps. 

So get out there and workout. You’ll feel better, happier and maybe even get some sleep :-)

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